Grief have mercy on me

Grief have mercy on me Why do you try to drown me with your presence Attempting to steal my joy Have mercy on me   Grief have mercy on me Your silence of creeping up on me is not welcomed here Attempting to steal my hope Have mercy on me   Grief have mercy on … Continue reading Grief have mercy on me

It’s Now a year… You can move on and put that behind you”

  It’s Now a year You can move on Words told to me Does one year cure all ? Does it mend the broken heart? Should I have woken up on the One year mark and be joyous? Because , obviously it’s ONE YEAR NOW.... Oh, my friend  if you only knew For me , … Continue reading It’s Now a year… You can move on and put that behind you”

Time heals all wounds ….

Some say time heals all wounds Time Heals All wounds .... What does ‘time’ mean ? Does it mean that I will stop grieving in 6 months? 12 months? 2 years? What does it mean? Let me tell you what it means ... It Means nothing to me ! Time is not the factor here … Continue reading Time heals all wounds ….

I can’t bring back yesterday ….

I can’t bring back yesterday But my memories of you and of us are Alive in my heart and will always be The Love I have for you Dale runs through my veins It’s the substance that gives me hope It warms my heart It pushes me to take the next breath The next step … Continue reading I can’t bring back yesterday ….

Anniversaries are so hard

My honey’s Angelversary is approaching July 27th   His birthday July 27th Our engagement July 20th   Anniversaries are so hard  Why are they ? It’s just another day Right? But, for me It is a day that was and still is very special A day that warmed my heart with so much love A … Continue reading Anniversaries are so hard

Feelings always takes the lead

Moments of grief I often times allow my FEELINGS to take over ‘Feelings’ the  driver, drives me through this long windy road that sometimes has me captive and I really don’t know where it’s going to end up taking me And often times it keeps me stuck on this wretched road One direction leads to … Continue reading Feelings always takes the lead