My story…

I would like to give you a little back ground history of how I ended up here…

I am 50 years old, a Nurse Practitioner, a mother of three awesome young men. I have had two failed attempts in marriage  and finally found ‘unconditional love’ .

I fell in love with my friend of 16 years… I never realized that ‘my love’ was right in front of me all this time .   He had been divorced for 5 years and it wasn’t until his divorce and mine that we realized we were each others soul mates.    Dale, was one of a kind.. he was respectful towards me and so loving and most importantly a God fearing man.

We became boyfriend and girlfriend and then we soon became engaged.  He asked me to marry him in front of the Seattle city lights.  It was so romantic.. the lights gleaming on the lake as we stood at Gas Works Park right in front of Lake Union .

So fast forward..

July 27, 2017 was my honey’s birthday- he turned 52!   A very healthy  person who ran most of his life.

I asked him what he wanted to do on his birthday and he had asked if we could go  see wedding venues.   So we saw three different wedding venues .

  1. Site next to La Gloria / Pearl
  2. Bushnell — but it was closed . As we were walking from it to get to the vehicle . He said , you know I would marry you anywhere .. even at this corner street . I told him , that I didn’t care where I just wanted to marry him .
  3. Last place was at the Swan … we walked through this house .. old mansion .. it seemed deserted but we found two men . Dale spoke to them and said that the Owner was not available right now . So, we walked towards the gazebo . It was old , needed some painting . But it was nice .

He later went to go pick up his kids.  He had taken the youngest to soccer practice and he decided to run the field for a quick run/ workout.

Well,  read this and you will see what came out of the day…

I remember

I remember July 27,2017 when You turned 52
I remember that I was so happy that I woke up to share the day with you
I remember kneeling in front of you as I looked into your hazel eyes.
I remember serenading the customary Happy Birthday song and never realized
how special that gesture would mean from here on
I remember telling you that I love you so very much
I remember how you looked at me with your giddy face with so much love
I remember us laughing and sharing our love together as our day went on
I remember that the only thing you wanted to do on your birthday was visit wedding venues.
I remember that you kissed me and told me you would see me later on
I remember your post on Facebook Thanking me for your Birthday ‘day’ and calling me your Rockstar!

God was so gracious to share you with me – How blessed I am.
I can’t even imagine that 52 years ago you were born..


I remember

I remember getting a call that night from a stranger
I remember getting angry because the caller shared news that would be a life changer
I remember pacing as I tried to get the caller’s words to sink in
I remember the tears rolling down
I remember it was hard to breath
I remember saying over and over “This is a dream” “This is a bad dream”
I remember
I remember God took my honey that very same day he was born
I remember waking up the next morning screaming “ Why!!”
“ Why did you leave me! “
I remember kneeling beside my bed praying to God to give me the strength

I remember that God was so gracious to share my honey with me – How blessed I am.
I can’t even imagine that God took you so young… 52 years ago you were just born

I will always be grateful that I never took a day for granted with my honey
I will always remember our love exchange … telling each other how much We loved one another
I will always remember us laughing and sharing our love together
I will always remember your kiss.
I will always remember your love

I remember July 27,2017

I will always remember

I Love you Dale Crockett

From your Rockstar , Liz Ann Crockett

I have been through a long  unwanted journey and it seems everyday is a day I spend grieving with HOPE!

I created this blog to share my story in hopes that maybe one day my grief and despair / journey  will help at least one person …

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