Best View

Best View

Unfinished story,

One day , we are standing in front of the best view
The Seattle lights gleaming over the lake
Your arms wrapped around my waist
As we were looking not only at the view but what our future was to come

You proposed
We were so happy and so much in love
You couldn’t wait to tell the world.

You wanted to post it on facebook and share the news
I on the other hand wanted to wait .. only because it was now close to 1 am and I knew our friends would be awake
Since our ER life is 24 /7

Yes, Sure enough… Our phones kept bleeping
Message after message
So many people happy for us both.

Unfortunately, our story didn’t get to tie in the ‘I do’
Because , God decided to take you

One day, I will be standing next to you .. in front of the best view
And instead of the Seattle lights gleaming over
It will be God’s radiating light

I Love you Dale Crockett

© 2018 Liz Ann Crockett

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