A fiancé gone too soon .. whom I now call husband

I am married

I remember

when you would tell me.. ‘ Oh, we will be married… it’s just a matter of time” and I would smile and get all giddy.

And then you probed around for my preference for an engagement ring… and then you asked me what kinda wedding would l like…

I replied, let’s put it in writing and share it with one another.

A couple of days passed ..

You were over to watch the game with me…

You sat right next to me and began pounding away on your Ipad keyboard as I watched the Spurs game.

I thought you were working on ‘ work stuff’ — when you said, okay I sent you an email…

I remember I grabbed my phone and quickly read it.

I had no idea…it was your Thoughts on the wedding..

You sent me your thoughts before I sent you mine … that put a smile on my face too..

You proposed to me in Seattle at Gas Works Park overlooking the Seattle lights.

You wanted me to be your wife and

I wanted you to be my husband.

We never got a marriage license

We never got to say “ I do” before the pastor, family or friends

But in my heart

I married you

Soul mates is what we were/are

I truly believe that God was our matchmaker

Song of Solomon 3:4 – “I have found the one whom my soul loves.”

“Your soulmate is the person God has for you that will endure both the greatest joy and most heartbreaking defeats of life with you.”

I wear my engagement ring

In fact, I completed my engagement ring set..

When I said ‘Yes’

I meant it

I will forever be your spiritual wife

In my head

In my heart

I am married to Dale Crockett!!

Sept 21, 2017.

Took His Name !!

What a beautiful day!

I went before the judge


took my honey’s last name after his family asked me to ….

Jan 31, 2018.

I picked up my two bands

I completed my engagement ring with two bands !

I will name the engagement ring – Love .

Love, because Dale Loved me with all his heart and picked me to be his future wife .

And the two other bands – Respect and Hope 💕

Respect, because our relationship was built on Respect .


Hope , because my Hope is in God and his promise that I will see my honey again .

                                                     I Love you Dale Crockett 💕❤️

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