I asked ….

Healthy Heart Awareness

I posted a question on social media website…

And, I’m quite amazed that it hasn’t been 24 hours and I’ve met 331 people ! Mostly woman, who suddenly lost their loved one ( husband , fiancé , boyfriend) from a sudden heart attack .

All, but three were very healthy…

  • ate right,

  • exercised,

  • seemed to do everything right

Most, lost their loved one less than 7 months ago . Seems, as young as 32 years up to the age of 67.

Interestedly, I met a hand full who lost their loved one on their birthday … just like my honey .

Some, were their honey’s first responder and administered CPR.

You lose the love of your life .. and at that very moment .. people come out of the woodwork to share their support. But, as the days pass, the phone calls to check if you are okay dwindle , the instant messages dwindle … people seem to disappear . I get it , peoples lives go on . Then, you have people who have to have a response to every comment you make .. as they have walked in your shoes?.. but they never have ..Or try to analyze you and try to fix you .

You can’t fix a broken heart 💔

It is lonely, but sadly I am not alone .. now I can related to 334 women as I write this and counting. Not a group i want to be apart of … but it is what it is.

I write this, because we need to do better with research in preventing this horrible thief called ‘heart attack’ from stealing our loved ones.

It breaks my heart.. that there could have been something more with the help of medical science to prevent this .

Spread the Awareness

Contribute to research

Remember tomorrow is never promised

so always


tell your loved one


love them 

I know I did .. and still do …  

I love you Dale Crockett ❤️

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