A step towards healing: Running


Why do I run?

Should I be afraid of running?

After all, my honey had a sudden Cardiac arrest while running.


Running in the past meant a challenge I did not want to take

By choice

Because it challenge my endurance and quite frankly I had none…

Seriously, I could not run past a minute without feeling Short of breath..

I wasn’t overweight.. I just never could run….I didn’t know how to breath

I held my breath while I ran…

I didn’t know how to trust and take that step forward

Then, I made it a point to start from the beginning..

 I began learning at age 49 and I am now 50 ½ and in training…

 I would run with my honey; who had been running for many years.

 I just loved running with him…

He was super tall and I am super short..

So, running with him was like a cartoon scene gone bad

 Me being Ms. Flintstone — my feet moving a hundred miles an hour just to catch up to one of Dale’s strides.



What does running mean to me now?  



It is much more of a sentimental act than just an act of trying to be healthy.






No matter what I face, I will conquer…  I will take each stride with confidence

I will trust that despite my fears, I can do this

Despite my pain, I will take each pace with effort and I will not allow it to stunt me from moving forward

I will grow from this unforeseen loss of losing the love of my life


 I will continue to be the woman my honey loved

The voice in my head will not win ..  I will not quit!

I will rise above my weakest thoughts

I will go beyond my limits …

Every breath – is a new breath .. a new me.. a new normal .. a new perspective in life

I will run straight to my personal best..

I will run

I will continue to be the woman my honey loved

I have to admit..

I am learning how important it is to let my heart recognize to slow down..

To recover..

So, for each moment / interval that has pushed me to my maximum capacity

When  I feel that I am running out of  being ‘me’

I will slow down and take a deep breath

Running is like therapy for me

It is now a passion

A release to let go

A time to remember all the good times I had with my honey.

It stimulates my endorphins in a comforting way..

It helps my heart dance to the rhythm of when my honey first held my hand, our first kiss, the first time he told me he loved me

And as I run, I take the memories I have with Dale and embrace them


each step, each mile, and with each marathon.

So, Should I be afraid of running?


I will persevere

I will endure

I will conquer

I will go through this journey

I will run

I will continue to be the woman my honey fell in love with

I will run for him!!

                                                                © 2018 Liz Crockett




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