Come Back

Come back…

I just saw a red cardinal and prior to that a beautiful bird that stopped and peeked around the limb to look at me…

I ran yesterday, and as I was running a beautiful red ( very bright cardinal ) flew by me and stopped. I stopped and attempted to capture a picture…But was unsuccessful .

Today, I am sitting outside with  Kyle and Molly and just reading up on ways to help me get out of the “ victim role” … Ways to help empower me. ..

I find myself, needing a group that will inspire me to the fullest… to be the woman that my honey fell in love with… I find myself lost and can’t find her at times.

As I sit here under my patio umbrella,

I got those two visitors… ( a super bright red cardinal and another pretty bird).

I truly believe those are spirits visiting me.

One is my honey Dale

and the other could be

  • My Aunt
  • My Father
  • My Maternal GM
  • My Maternal GF
  • My Paternal GM
  • My Paternal GF
  • My Uncle
  • My Cousin

I tried to capture a picture but was not fast enough

I began crying .. I am now emotional

And in my head I kept saying. “ Come back’. “ Come back”

Then without thinking it took me to that scene in the movie Titantic where Rose calls out “Come back”

Now, that I think about it …

Come back.…a metaphor

— Come back means I want Dale to come back as if he never did die.. as he never left me

–Come Back means — I want to feel empowered again. I want to be at peace again.. I want to use this journey to help to inspire others

–Come Back means — I want a spiritual visits from that red cardinal I now call Dale ..

Why did you leave..

© 2018 Liz Ann Crockett

One thought on “Come Back

  1. I will never stop missing him but I must pursue God at all costs and stay close to his truth. Anything that does not line up with the Word I must discard. Only the truth can set me free and only God can heal the pain.
    Much love, “Mom”


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