A step towards Healing ….

GriefShare First day…2/11/18

Just got back from GriefShare class. ( my first class). so far..

We watched a video ….but when we broke into our group … we got to share with one another . Funny thing I got from the video that helped me … during this grieving … I tend to push myself just to make it to the next day . I can’t tell you how often I “ have forgotten “ something … a thought … a memory … or even why did I go into the kitchen .. …for a minute … I’m thinking … great …not only am i grieving ..but I’ve got early stages of dementia …

but “ ITs NORMAL “ to forget … whew….

Last May 16, 2018

I started Grief share on 02/11/18 after my honey passed away on 07/27/17. I really wanted to attend a GriefShare class to help me go through the process. I knew that it was not a cure all, but what I was hoping for was some understanding, some peace, and most of all community with people who truly understood. I knew that this program was faith based and even though I had a relationship with God , I still questioned him and felt so cheated. One of the things I read from our homework study was a prayer to God acknowledging him and asking him to “ Help me to do the tough work of grief in order to make it through’ pg. 27 The class helped me to understand that No one has authority over my grief . I certainly continued to lean on God and as I walked through the motions , God was right there holding onto me and still is during the lonely times.. right by my side. I know I will never be the same but I will accept and know in my heart that Dale never left me . .he just went to Heaven to be with God and I know he is far better off. I will continue to pray for Miracle moments. And what really filled my heart is the simple fact that I will grieve with Hope , Hope in God and I will hold onto his promises that I will see him again.

I went through so many emotions Here were some that I checked off on (2/15/18)

• Abandoned

• Anger

• Anguish

• Annoyance

• Anxiety

• Bitterness

• Consumed with grief

• Crying

• Dazed

• Depending on God

• Depression

• Despair

• Devastation

• Disappointment

• Disbelief

• Discontentment

• Disorganized

• Disoriented

• Distracted

• Don’t want to go on

• Drained

• Drawing Closer to God

• Emotional Wreck

• Emptiness

• Exhaustion/ weakness

• Feeling judged

• Feeling like you’re losing your mind

• Feeling part of you is gone, ripped away

• Flashbacks

• Forgetfulness

• Going through the motions

• Heartbroken

• Hope

• Hopelessness

• Hurt

• Loneliness

• Loss of purpose

• Memory Loss

• Mental fog

• Missing loved one

• Not enjoying what your used to enjoy

• Prayer

• Questioning your sanity

• Questions about heaven

• Regret

• Roller coaster emotions

• Sadness

• Self-pity

• Shutting down

• Shutting people out

• Sorrow

• Staying busy ( On Purpose)

• Staying in bed

• Tangled emotions

• Turning to God

• Unproductive

• Vulnerable

Today, May 16, 2018 is the last day of Grief Share and I wanted to reevaluate where I stand today.

• Compassion

• Concerned about your family members

• Depending on God

• Drawing closer to God

• Encouragement

• Hope

• Prayer

• Thankfulness

• Turning to God

• Crying

• Disbelief (at times)

• Fatigue ( pathological )

• Flashbacks (sometimes)

• Forgetfulness ( sometimes )

Heartbroken — of course

• Going through the motions ( sometimes)

• Missing Loved one

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