Miracle Message

God spoke to me

Have you ever had those days where out of nowhere, a word or phrase keeps coming up?

A trigger word that draws in memories.. ??

For me, I have been hearing the word “Rock star” on more than one occasion this week.

Is it a coincidence?

No, I am going to take it as God’s whisper– telling me

That I am a Rock star

And reminding me that Dale is with me and I am his Rock star

Why the word Rock star?

What Dale wanted for his Birthday was pictures of me to hang on the wall.

So the evening of his Birthday, just prior to him leaving his house to go for

his last run ( He had a fatal cardiac arrest during his run).

 He had set up his ‘picture wall’ like he wanted and called me his Rock star.

stalker wall

His last Facebook post :

text rockstar

When my tank is running on empty and I just need a jump start to help get me through the day; my prayer request to God is ‘HELP—HELP fill my tank—Show me your love”.  And, it never fails,  God is right there waiting to be my rescuer.

God, says I will not only fill your tank Liz but I overfill it!

God , speaks to us on a daily, we just have to stop and listen.  My faith is in him and my Hope is in him and every second I hold onto God’s promises.

So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ. Romans 10:17 ESV

I am so grateful for my  miracle message—

I am


“ Rock star”

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