Defeating the emotional paralysis

How can I defeat this emotional paralysis?

These emotions fill every cell in my body with such vengeance .
The onset is so rapid
Like a poison. invading every cell and every organ of my body as it ambushes my heart.
It feels like a condition so ominous …

at times I just can’t breath.

The feeling of being alone
The feeling of missing Dale
The desperate feeling of wanting to see Dale now
The feeling of it not being fair?

I ask myself,
How can I defeat this emotional paralysis ?
How can I break through this heart wrenching syndrome ..
even if it’s just for the moment.
How can I get my heart to beat after this toxic ambush?
My once warm joyous heart is now paralyzed.
There is no lub dub lub dub …

just silence

And then the antidote …

I remind myself that Dale was and still is –

the Greatest gift from God
A God fearing man
An exceptional man

Who loved me
Our love was
An affirmation of true love
Of Unconditional love
A blessing

Just the thought helps soothe my soul
As it runs through my veins.. awakening the very core of each cell in my body…
and then for the moment..

this antidote

that has jumpstarted

my heart …

reminds me of my Gift from God


I Love you Dale Crockett

© 2018 Liz Ann Crockett

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