Feelings always takes the lead

Moments of grief

I often times allow my FEELINGS to take over
‘Feelings’ the  driver, drives me through this long windy road that sometimes has me captive and I really don’t know where it’s going to end up taking me

And often times it keeps me stuck on this wretched road

One direction leads to -sad, hopeless, miserable, heartbroken, anxious, lost, mad

The other direction takes me to  gloomy, unhappy, miserable, crushed, unsure, paralyzed, uncomfortable, bitter feelings

And back again
Does it ever stop

Then I desperately turn on the GPS
I begin to allow my mind to THINK and take over


GPS begins to speak


Please take the exit, then keep straight towards out of this Hell hole of  feelings!
Follow road ‘Peace and Hope’
You will arrive to your destination if you stay on course.





Unfortunately , I am terrible with GPS and directions

the driver — ‘FEELINGS’ takes over again.


Here’s a thought

I Would love to yank the driver out and give him a peace of my mind

© 2018, Liz Ann Crockett

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