Anniversaries are so hard

My honey’s Angelversary

is approaching

July 27th  

His birthday July 27th

Our engagement July 20th


Anniversaries are so hard 

Why are they ?

It’s just another day


But, for me

It is a day that was and still is very special

A day that warmed my heart with so much love

A day that my love and I celebrated together

A day that is to be remembered

To be cherished

But, please don’t misunderstand me

These are memories that I remember every breath that I take

It’s just that these anniversaries make it more profound

as it is a reminder that my honey  

has been with God


1 year ..


365 days ago..


8,760 hours ago..


525,600 minutes ago..


31,536,000 seconds ago

How ever way you want to break it down…

It is still way too long …


I Love You Dale Crockett

                                                                           ©2018, Liz Ann Crockett

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