Time heals all wounds ….

Some say time heals all wounds


Time Heals All wounds ….

What does ‘time’ mean ?

Does it mean that I will stop grieving in 6 months?

12 months?

2 years?

What does it mean?

Let me tell you what it means …

It Means nothing to me !

Time is not the factor here that is going to make things all better

Time is not going to mend my broken heart

Time is not going to convince me that I should stop grieving

How can I put a time table to my loss ?

What it tells me is that the person that said this .. Has not been in my shoes

It tells me that person may not know how to respond to a person who has lost someone…



I have lost track of time

I have been so engulfed with my sadness that the progression of time is meaningless to me

Why ?

Because everyday feels like it just happened


©2018 Liz Ann Crockett

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