It’s Now a year… You can move on and put that behind you”


It’s Now a year
You can move on

Words told to me

Does one year cure all ?
Does it mend the broken heart?
Should I have woken up on the One year mark and be joyous?

Because , obviously it’s ONE YEAR NOW….

Oh, my friend  if you only knew

For me ,
one year is meaningless except a reminder
Dale has been with God for one year now

A reminder
My heart has been shattered into a million pieces
A reminder
I will never be whole again
And every breath after has and is work

PS , My friend
My life has not been the same since
My existence of just existing is my norm
A battle that keeps me busy and exhausted

No , my friend
One year
is the same as it was
on day One

© 2018 Liz Ann Crockett

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