A moment at the Graveside

Visiting the graveside
Old , Young
Some stay for a moment
Some sit in their lawn chairs and visit

I tend to visit quite often
I sit and talk out loud and share how I feel with my honey
Even read some scriptures out loud
All and all, I feel close to Dale when I do this even though I know he is not there but up in heaven

Today, July 29th
I went to visit and freshen up the water vase that was holding the fresh flowers we put in front of Dale’s grave side for his Birthday and 1st Angelaversary. ( July 27th)
As I was leaving , this young boy took 2 cans of Pepsi soda out of his car and walked towards a graveside, he kneeled in front of the tomb stone and opened the cans. He poured it on the ground in front of the tomb stone. You could tell he was crying…

I was in my car , when I saw this …. and I couldn’t help but feel his pain … I started crying seeing him hurt too.
I couldn’t help but know his pain…

I began to drive off and I slowed down and all I could see were all the tomb stones..
all those tomb stones…..
All those stones were a reflection of broken hearts
All hurting because they lost someone that past too.
And then I saw the tree
A reflection of life

How Iconic
Life and death
When there is life
There is death


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