Time heals all wounds ….

Some say time heals all wounds Time Heals All wounds .... What does ‘time’ mean ? Does it mean that I will stop grieving in 6 months? 12 months? 2 years? What does it mean? Let me tell you what it means ... It Means nothing to me ! Time is not the factor here … Continue reading Time heals all wounds ….

I can’t bring back yesterday ….

I can’t bring back yesterday But my memories of you and of us are Alive in my heart and will always be The Love I have for you Dale runs through my veins It’s the substance that gives me hope It warms my heart It pushes me to take the next breath The next step … Continue reading I can’t bring back yesterday ….

Anniversaries are so hard

My honey’s Angelversary is approaching July 27th   His birthday July 27th Our engagement July 20th   Anniversaries are so hard  Why are they ? It’s just another day Right? But, for me It is a day that was and still is very special A day that warmed my heart with so much love A … Continue reading Anniversaries are so hard

Feelings always takes the lead

Moments of grief I often times allow my FEELINGS to take over ‘Feelings’ the  driver, drives me through this long windy road that sometimes has me captive and I really don’t know where it’s going to end up taking me And often times it keeps me stuck on this wretched road One direction leads to … Continue reading Feelings always takes the lead